There is nothing in life that we use more than textiles. Among the oldest and most universal objects produced by humans, textiles have proven to be a reliable tool that enhances our lives and brings across stories. Their influence goes beyond imagination. And yet, the journey that leads to a textile’s existence often remains unquestioned.

At BYBORRE, we are on a mission to drastically change the textile industry as we know it today. Envisioning a future where textiles are made with conscious intent, we merge the physical and digital worlds of textile creation, unlock material innovation and establish a transparent supply chain to give our customers worldwide access to responsible textiles for the products we use everyday.

Based in Amsterdam we have our own knitting lab with a range of circular knitting machines and an extensive yarn library. We experiment and innovate to create the most responsible knits of the highest quality.

We offer a collection of responsible textiles to our customers, with the opportunity to create custom textile. Our primary focus lies within the interior and apparel segments. Primarily, we direct our efforts towards brands, architects, project developers, designers and the end consumer. We offer our products and aim to raise awareness about the state of the textile industry by emphasizing how (our) responsible textiles can be a game changer.

By exploring new textile design and manufacturing processes that are less wasteful, harmful, inflexible and more collaborative, open and inspiring, we are creating a movement that challenges the conventional norms of the industry – encouraging you to think differently about textiles and inviting you to be part of something bigger.